Spirit Lake Elderly Center

Spirit Lake Tribe

Case study

The Spirit Lake Elderly Center was a project that was sitting dormant for several years. Back in 2001, the Spirit Lake Tribe began the project and even went as far as constructing the footings for the proposed facility. Several years later after putting together a multi-partner funding package, the Spirit Lake Tribe decided to go ahead and finally build the facility. After coordinating the assessment the existing footings - they were deemed useable. New construction documents had to be drawn. The older ones from 2001 were out of date and didn't meet the Tribe's wishes for the projects. 45 days. That's how long it took to redraw the plans and get the project out to bid. The facility was constructed in 210 days. Senator Byron Dorgan, retired, had worked on behalf of the Tribe to get some funding for the project and was at the Grand Opening on March 2012. Each 500 sf unit is one bedroom, has it's own kitchen, living room and bathroom. Outdoor access is provided to each unit. Facility amenities include a public area for watching TV, playing cards or visiting, a dining area and serving kitchen and laundry facilities.

Note:  This project was completed by the First American Design Studio in partnership with DSGW Architects.  All rights reserved by DSGW Inc.

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